Drinking Water Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

Alongside the advent of the reusable water bottle came the newest trend in the effort to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Fruit Infuser Water Bottles not only supply 20 plus ounces of water, but also provide a tasty and nutritious kick to the traditional alternative.

An important aspect of any daily regimen or weight loss plan is drinking plenty of water every day. It increases metabolism and helps to keep the body functioning smoothly. The human body itself is composed of about 60% water, which helps with digestion as just one of its many functions. Making sure to get plenty of water also helps keep organs at peak performance.

The idea behind Fruit Infuser Water Bottles is to substitute regular water with a kind that is infused with fruits and vegetables. They range in size from approximately 20 ounces up to a 2.9 quart pitcher. The bottle contains a reservoir in the center which holds the chopped pieces of fruits and vegetables. The reservoir screws into the lid and the lid fits securely onto the bottle filled with water.

Within 20 minutes the fruit will start to infuse into the water and the resulting taste is both refreshing and satisfying. This infused water is not only low in calories, but also low in sugar, lacking the preservatives and additives of other water enhancers.

There are a wide variety of infuser water bottles to choose from. A few also include very sturdy bottles that allow for either hot or cold water. Most, if not all of these bottles, are free of BPA, which is a potentially harmful chemical. Some bottles do not have a drinking spout, so the lid and reservoir have to be removed before drinking the water. Doing adequate research will aid in the selection of the infuser bottle before buying.

One idea to make choosing the right bottle easier includes making sure there is a spout for drinking directly from the bottle. Others include a bottle that is clear and prominently displays the fruit, which is very pleasing to the eye, as well as a bottle that is sturdy enough that it won’t shatter if dropped, and one that is tough enough for both hot and cold infusions.

The choices for infuser bottles on the market are nearly as varied as the choices of fruit, vegetables and even herbs themselves, all of which can be used to add even more flavor and nutrition than standard water.